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A daily compilation of humor lists sent in through submissions. 2:57. 4.10. 36.10 %. 81. 9. Has both clean and dirty jokes in hundreds of categories, plus a chat room and discussion forum.. Less. 3:07. 4.00. 43.00%. 265. 10. Collection of categorised jokes, videos, cartoons and memes.
Rec.humor.funny jokes and comedy
Welcome to rec.humor.funny, the net's oldest and most popular comedy publication and newsgroup. It's also the net's oldest blog. This home page features descriptions and history of rec.humor.funny, access to current and old jokes, a searchable archive of past jokes, and an index of other funny web pages. rec.humor.funny ...
Net - Recreation - Humor
Open directory of humor related web sites. ... Rec.humor.funny jokes and comedy - The net's oldest and most popular comedy publication and newsgroup. Subatomic ... PigPog - Comedy, Bill Hicks, and Sentient Dry Roasted Peanuts - Original comedy, collections from the net, Bill Hicks, and whatever else we feel like.
Humor in the Best of the Web Directory
Extensive collection of humor resources and articles. Includes humor for different occasions, satire, pranks, comic strips, and more. Al Lowe's Humor Site. Known as one of the Sierra On-Line creators of Leisure Suit Larry, Torin's Passage, and Freddy Pharkas. Al provides sight gags, and audio, video or text humor.
Humorous Audio and Video Clips in the Best of the Web ...
Explore recreational diversions and leisure activities with this comprehensive listing of sites, your portal to a world of amusement and good times. ... News, images, videos, games, jokes, and related links. Funny Junk. Large collection of humorous video clips, photographs, and Flash games and animations all rated by users.
Humor Mailing Lists in the Best of the Web Directory
Editor's picks on Humor Mailing Lists resources. Find them at Best of the Web. Take time out for recreational activities, discover theme parks or enjoy outdoor exercise. This collection of sites represent a comprehensive overview of expert sites covering a range of hobbies and activities.
116 best Campus Humor images on Pinterest | Funny images, Ha ...
finding humor as a University student | See more ideas about Funny images, Ha ha and Funny photos.
Clasione Web Directory - Recreation > Humor
Funny Jokes and Songs Features an extensive collection of funny jokes, stories, pictures, headlines, excuses, signs, songs and also links. Read more ...
Welcome to the Pinoy Jokes Page of the Chan Robles Virtual Law Library.
Smashwords – Humor / Jokes & Riddles
Just Buy Happiness! The Newest Super Funny Fiu Fiu Jokes for Kids books, gives endless happiness and laughter for children's and grownups instantly, creating beautiful moments and memories to share and enjoy with all your friends and family. Q: Where do bunnies go after they get married? A: On a bunny-moon!
777 Great Clean Jokes: A Sparkling Collection of Unsullied ...
777 Great Clean Jokes: A Sparkling Collection of Unsullied Humor [Jennifer Hahn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Here are 777 great clean jokes guaranteed to produce hours of grins, groans, and guffaws. Inside, you'll find jokes about animals.
World's Funniest Jokes (Omnibus): Huge Collection of ...
World's Funniest Jokes (Omnibus): Huge Collection of mainly dirty jokes, puns and humor for adults - Kindle edition by Steve Evans. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading World's Funniest Jokes (Omnibus): Huge ...
Math jokes collection by Andrej and Elena Cherkaev
The suggested collection of mathematical folklore might be enjoyable for mathematicians and for students because every joke contains a portion of truth or lie about our profession. ..... Yeah, I used to think it was just recreational... then I started doin' it during the week... you know, simple stuff: differentiation, kinematics .
Dinosaur Fun - A Collection of Dinosaur Humor - ThoughtCo
Mar 17, 2017 ... What are the funniest dinosaur jokes? Why shouldn't you keep a dinosaur as a pet? And which dinosaurs went extinct almost as soon as they evolved? Here's a collection of dinosaur-themed humor that's guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.
Funny Political Pictures, Memes and Cartoons - ThoughtCo
Jan 7, 2018 ... Funny Pictures Mocking Right-Wingers. A collection of funny captioned pictures, photo illustrations, and parody images poking fun at prominent right-wing conservatives and Republicans. More » ...

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