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World Flags - Oxford Reference
A quick reference guide to national flags.
Flag Reference - Creation Kit
Jun 23, 2013 ... This is usually used for things that aren't intended to be attached to anything by the user (like fragments), or by base scripts that don't do anything on their own except to be extended by a non-hidden script. Conditional: Flags this script as viewable by the condition system. The Creation Kit will not let you ...
Commerce Product Reference Flag |
Jun 24, 2014 ... Commerce Product Reference Flag field injection. The default behaviour of the Commerce Product Reference field is to inject only actual fields from the product entity into the referencing entity. This module adds support for injecting product entity Flag fields. Instructions: Enable dependencies: Flag, ...
Flags of the World - The World Factbook
... Flags of the World · Gallery of Covers · Definitions and Notes · Guide to Country Profiles · Guide to Country Comparisons · The World Factbook Users Guide. APPENDICES. A: abbreviations · B: international organizations and groups · C: selected international environmental agreements · D: cross-reference list of country ...
CIA - The World Factbook -- References :: Flags of the World
Mission. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent US Government agency responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior US policymakers. For more on the Agency's mission, visit our Strategic Intent. Central Intelligence Agency. The Work of a Nation. The Center of Intelligence. Search Field
RESOURCES :: Information & Reference - Flags and Banners ...
Helpful Guides & Information back to top Art Guidelines Download PDF Terms & Conditions Download PDF Boutique Flag List Download PDF ISO Flag List Download PDF.
Bible References | Called To Flag - Worship Flags & ...
Bible References for Worship Flags and Banners. What does the Bible say about worship flags. What do we stand for as a worship flagger.
Global Flag Reference | Microsoft Docs
May 23, 2017 ... This reference describes the flags that GFlags sets. Note The symbolic name of each flag is provided for reference only. Because symbolic names change, they are not a reliable identifier of a global flag. The global flags include: Buffer DbgPrint Output · Create kernel mode stack trace database.
numpy.ndarray.flags — NumPy v1.12 Manual
Only the UPDATEIFCOPY, WRITEABLE, and ALIGNED flags can be changed by the user, via direct assignment to the attribute or dictionary entry, or by calling ... However, currently, locking a base object does not lock any views that already reference it, so under that circumstance it is possible to alter the contents of a ...
Command-Line Reference - Bazel
canonicalize-flags, Canonicalizes a list of bazel options. clean, Removes output files and optionally stops the server. coverage, Generates code coverage report for specified test targets. cquery, Loads, analyzes, and queries the specified targets w/ configurations. dump, Dumps the internal state of the bazel server process.
Creating a feature flag - Launchdarkly docs
These attributes help you manage the feature flag and customize it to your use case. A. Name your feature flag. Give your feature flag a meaningful name. B. Specify a flag key. Specify the key that you will use to reference the flag in your code. You may customize the key to anything you like, so long as it does not duplicate ...
Java SDK Reference - Launchdarkly docs
LDClient must be a singleton. It's important to make this a singleton-- internally, the client instance maintains internal state that allows us to serve feature flags without making any remote requests. Be sure that you're not instantiating a new client with every request.
PHP SDK Reference - Launchdarkly docs
It will then be used as the default way of fetching flags. With Guzzle, you could persist your cache somewhere other than the default in-memory store, like Memcached or Redis. You could then specify your cache when initializing the client with the cache option. Text. $client = new LaunchDarkly\LDClient(" YOUR_SDK_KEY", ...
General Web Directory - Reference > Flags
Bocaiw. General web directory of carefully reviewed content organized by categories offering free online resources links to quality internet and reference websites.
CUDA Driver API :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation
4.18. Texture Reference Management. This section describes the texture reference management functions of the low-level CUDA driver application programming interface. ... used by a texture reference. CUresult cuTexRefGetFlags ( unsigned int* pFlags, CUtexref hTexRef ): Gets the flags used by a texture reference.

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