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Bosnian Football Culture
"Essays on Football from Bosnia and Herzegovina" are written by an anthropologist who conducted an ethnographical fieldwork in Bosnia for one year.

David Hand Online
The site provides resources for researchers in the field of European football studies with particular reference to France, including news, headlines and stories updated daily.

Football Bible
A guide to the different aspects of football, supplemented with images, videos, glossary, and quizzes.
A unique site looking at the meaning and history of football (soccer) club crests (logos) from around the world, and in particular, the UK.

Footy Boots
An independent resource on the modern soccer boot.
Students who are interested in football and want to learn English can combine the two. Features include a weekly podcast with transcripts, worksheets, vocabulary lists and online quizzes.

PASS4 Soccer
Provides student athletes with professional advice and best practice in finding a U.S. soccer scholarship.

Preventing Tragedy in the Soccer Stadium
Article about how to prevent catastrophes on stadiums.

Soccer Law and Business Journal
Articles and news about the law and business of the sport around the world.

Soccer Study
A questionnaire for a research project in England.
Developed to give an image of what boots are on the market at the moment. The site is not commercial. There no interest in selling boots.

The Political Economy of Football
Articles and statistics about the environment, culture and finances of football.