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Bicycle Commuting - Bike to Work
A Yahoo! Groups mailing list devoted to the discussion of transportational cycling to and from work. Subscribers are invited to share stories, photos, tips, and experiences.

Bicycle Commuting Now
A Harrisburg, PA, area bicycle commuter's bLog. Day-to-Day antics and views ranging from tool reviews to daily experiences.

Bicycle Commuting Suggestions
Personal anecdotes and suggestions from a seasoned bicycle commuter, Jennifer Hodgdon. Subjects include clothing and equipment.

Bicycle Commuting and Lights
A collection of articles focusing on the illumination needs of vehicular cyclists. Included are reviews and opinions with respect to various commercial systems. Recommended for any commuter who finds themselves cycling in the dark.

Bicycle Fixation
Essays and philosophy designed for the "New Urban Cyclist". Part of the Living Room organization which endeavors to cultivate the concept of sustainable, environmentally conscious communities.

Bicycling Life
A useful and relevant resource for those wishing to use their bicycles for touring and commuting. Includes many articles and links that will appeal to novice and expert alike.

Bike Commuters
A gathering place for bike commuters from all over the USA sharing experiences and encouraging people to "bike their drive". Weblog-style format with reviews, polls and a gallery.

Bike Worker
An introductory resource for those entertaining the idea of bicycle commuting. Mission statement cites high fuel prices and traffic jams as reasons to consider this mode.
News, reviews, and articles of interest to those who choose to commute by bicycle. Also home to a database of commuter profiles submitted from around the country.
Contains articles and information intended to promote awareness of the multiple benefits resulting from the development a more bike centric transportation lifestyle.
Maps and resources for using your bike for everyday transport. Information regarding transit access included. Primary focus is Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland.

A Yahoo! Groups mailing list intended for those who believe that bicyclists have the right, should expect, and be prepared to demand, safe accommodation as vehicle operators on every road. Participants espouse the concept known as Vehicular Cycling.

Commuting Logistics
A Topica mailing list for the discussion of operational bicycle transportation issues such as equipment, techniques, and methods. Subscription required; archives are available only to subscribers.

Cycle Facility of the Month
Provides photos and descriptions of poorly-designed bicycle routes, primarily in the United Kingdom, but containing information of use to all vehicular cyclists. Includes a news archive and information on joining.

Cycling Advocacy Works by Fred Oswald
An interesting and insightful collection of original articles addressing the topic of vehicular cycling. Features include analyses of state laws related to bicycling, tutorials and reform movements.

Encouraging Bicycling
Part of the Sierra Club's "Stop Sprawl" series, it is the summary of an article based on a nationwide, aggregate analysis as well as detailed case studies of cycling trends and policies in seven case study cities.

Human Transport Organization
Based in North Carolina, deals with a variety of political and engineering topics related to human powered transport. Most of the content focuses on universal access policies and vehicular cycling issues.

John Forester, M.S., P.E.
Forester is the father of the vehicular cycling concept. An experienced Planning Engineer, his site brings many years of VC knowledge and expertise to the web in the form of his personal web site. Articles and consultation resources are available.

Messenger Memorial
An online memorial to members of the international bike messenger community. Includes stories, artwork, and poetry.
Promoting sustainable transport resulting in the improvement of health, the environment, and society. Encourages a modal shift away from cars to walking, cycling and public transport.

Tattletale site listing vehicles parked in bike lanes. Allows for comment and discussion of each post; registration required.

Portland Bicycle Advocacy Group
A Yahoo! Groups mailing list created for the purpose of discussing bicycling issues in the Portland, Oregon, area. Special emphasis is placed on bicycles as a legitimate form of transportation; not just recreational vehicles.

Formerly, an authoritative source for bicycle advocacy on the 'Net. Visitors will find links to many relevant sites and stories pertaining to rights of vehicular cyclists everywhere.

Self-Propelled City
Informative site containing many articles on the choice of a bicycle as one's preferred means of transport. Includes a sections on product reviews and Critical Mass as well.

The Vehicular Cyclist
Provides a 'bLog style survey of recent news related to vehicular cyclist topics. Individual topics of study include helmets, fatality trends and research