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Plane Spotting
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BBC News: Plane-spotters knew the risks
Discusses different views of plane spotters in Britain and Greece, following the arrest of a group of spotters on charges of spying. By Angelos Stangos.

Guardian Unlimited - Net Notes: Trainspotters
Mark Oliver's hyperlinked guide to the best sites on those who spot trains.

Guardian Unlimited - Notes and Queries: Anorak
Discusses the meaning and derivation of the term anorak as applied to a person.,5753,-19185,00.html

Siliconmom - Trainspotting
Personal view of reasons for a change in opinion towards trainspotting.

The Savvy Traveller: Trainspotting
Martin Stott's interviews with train spotters and railway enthusiasts in York. Text and audio.

What is Aircraft Spotting
Contains history, different areas of interest, and personal experiences.

Zest for Birds - Twitching: Birders, Rarities and Ethics
Contains classification of groups of birders and birder ethics.