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Advice, tips and information about human sexuality and sexual health.

Amy's Guide to Better Sex
Better sex tips and techniques on how to improve your sex life. Scroll down for a collection of articles.

Ask Dan and Jennifer
Dating, love, and sex tips and advice from Dan and Jennifer. Includes lots of videos, articles and a forum.

Ask Krista
Free sex advice and articles from a lady that's been in the sex industry for more than 20 years.

Center for the Intimate Arts
Sheri Winston's sex-positive learning center offering including in-person and on-line classes, workshops and books.

Dr Eve
Sexual advice and suggestions from a sexuality clinician and educator in South Africa.

Dr. Jenn's Den
Dr. Jenn hosts the free video podcast series about sexuality and relationships.

Dr. Rachael
DJ and Physician, Dr. Rachael, teaches fun and healthy sex education. Offers sexuality and STD information, advice, news, and interviews.

Dr. Ruth Online
Official site of the pop sex therapist, offering advice, tips, news, and opinion polls.

Dr. Sari Locker
Books, advice and videos that provide sexual suggestions and tips for adults of all ages.

Em & Lo
Offering advice for the modern bedroom, confessions, reviews and news.

Female Orgasm Secrets
Provides information on female orgasms, how to achieve them, and how to deal with sexual dysfunction.

Finding the Doorbell
Promotes the book "Finding the Doorbell" by Cindy Pierce and Edie Thys Morgan.
Sex advice and tips for couples along with sassy and free eCards.

Relationships -
Advice on marriage, dating, sex, love, and friendship.

Sex on the Brain Blog
Weblog providing advice and data related to sexual fulfillment and health.

A site devoted entirely to accurate and current information about sexual health.

Sexual Balance
Some ideas concerning a healthy balance in sex and relationships.

Sexual Health Blog
Blog on how improve sexual activity, contraception, and sex.

Smoldering Embers
Offers sex tips, techniques, advice, and stories to help monogamous couples improve sexual satisfaction.

Sweet Talk - Dating Advice
Contemporary dating, relationship, and sex advice in the official weblog of Flavor Connect. - Sex and Relationships
Advice for young adults on a wide variety of sexual issues.