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A Guide to Brit Milah/Bris Milah
A mohel offers information about the ritual, its history, and details of what qualifications are required to perform the ritual.

Bris Milah in the UK
Information for parents about Bris Milah or circumcision and where to find a Mohel in the UK.

Brit Milah
Guide to the Brit Milah.

Brit Yosef Yitzchak
International non profit organization that offers a full range of Brit Milah support and services.

This site catalogs antique tools used for ritual Jewish circumcisions (brit milah). Included are numerous knives, shields and other artifacts. There is also a section on spotting counterfeit Judaica.

Circumcision Net
Provides insights and detailed information about Ritual Circumcision.

Pidyon Haben
Pidyon Haben is the Jewish Mitzvah of redemption of the firstborn son. The father of the child redeems his son, by paying five silver coins to a Kohein. They sell a large variety of coins to fulfill this Mitzvah.