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Ayurvedic Skin Care
Bindi sells oils, hair and skin conditioners and nutritional supplements.

Stick-on and reusable bindis, body-dots and body jewelry.

Bhaktivedanta Vani Trust
Religious products from India including CDs, videos, and incense.

Blessings on the net
Online shops for religious books, music, travel, arts and crafts.

Celextel's Online Spiritual Store
Offers crystal malas, shiva lingas, incense sticks, rudrakshas, sandal malas, tulsi malas, and stone murtis.

Electric Havan Kund
Offer an electric Havan Kund for performing Homa.

Gopala Dolls and Games
Krishna dolls, Radharani dolls, Jaganatha, Subadhra and Balarama sets, and other related items.

Illumination Television
Videos on the experience of the Hare Krishna devotees, festivals and pilgrimages.

Krishna Culture Online Vedic Store
Resource for items from spiritual India.

Krishna Software Inc.
Offers multimedia CDROMs on Indian philosophy, religion, and culture.

Mukunda Khatiwada: Khatmandu, Nepal
Offers Rudraksha and Saligrams.

Oriental Records
A selection of devotional music including Siva Sahasaranama, Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana. - eDevotional Services Portal
E-devotional services portal through which you can order poojas(prayers) at indian temples, perform vedic homams, get astrology reports & predictions, spiritual tourism and lots more.

Pt. Vilas Thuse
Provides pooja vidhi and astrology services in San Francisco Bay Area, United States.

Religious Accessories
Puja items, malas, tapes and books.

Rudra Bhandar
Offers Rudraksha, saligram, Yantras and ritual items.

Offers all kind of rudraksh, gems and yantras. Includes articles on different kinds of rudraksh.

Information about Rudrakshas and a guide for someone looking to purchase one.

Rudraksha Center
Offer a range of rudrakshas and malas.

Sanatan Society
Offer books, posters, and audio cassettes on Yoga, tantra, chakras, and mantras.

Offer Rudraksha malas and pendents, Yantras, Puja items, and Puja service at specified temples.
Sells Shaligram Shilas, Rudrakshas, Yantras and idols.

Spiritual Journeys
Travel offers to hindu pilgrimage destinations in India.

The Journey Home
Autobiography of an American Swami by Radhanath Swami.

Offers all types of Yantras, Shivling, and japamalas for worship.