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Online Bible International
Free Bible software for Windows and Macintosh. Online Bible program with dozens of public-domain English and foreign language translations (including KJV, ASV, BBE); several Hebrew and Greek version modules; Bible reference works, commentaries, lexicons, histories and apocrypha.

Alkitab Bible Study
An open source and free desktop bible study software which supports single and parallel view, commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries, glossaries, and daily devotions.

Berean Bible Freeware
Simplified Bible software oriented to non-techies. Designed to work well with obsolete computer. Includes freedownloads of English Standard Version, New American Standard Bible and the New King James Version.

Bible Knowledge Accelerator
Free Bible history software in Windows help format with several programs including Bible history, The Babylonians, Hebrew Torah, and The History of Rome. Each has information, pop-up definitions, charts, maps, and illustrations.

Bible Modules Resource for e-Sword and the Word
Free resource for e-Sword, and the Word, Bible software programs. Select modules from any commentary, dictionary, library book, Bible version and translation categories.

Bible Stories 4 Kids
Bringing kids 120 bible stories, interactive games, a coloring page, Bible quiz, and memory verses.

Bible Students' Library 2
Hard to find Online Bible modules, including the writings of C.T. Russell, Wilson's Emphatic Diaglot Bible, Bible Student's Commentaries, and Tischendorf's Spurious Texts. Free downloads.

Full featured free Bible software with many Bibles to choose from. Bible dictionaries, commentaries, biblical names, personal prayer diary, biblical map viewer, and rich text word processor.

BibleWord - home of a free bible program
BibleWord is a free, attractive program will display a bible verse each time you launch windows.

Christian Freeware
Freeware Bible study programs including 1899 Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible and King James Version, each with original Deuterocanonicals. Also several foreign language Bibles including Arabic Bible. Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt.

Church Software
Software is used to display Bible verses, worship songs, MS PowerPoints, videos, birthdays and wedding anniversaries to the projector and to do church administration easily in 61 supported languages.

Clear Vision Bible Studies
Featuring Bible studies, motivation, encouragement, devotions, and commentaries. Plus resources with hard to find media files.

CrossWire Bible Society
Free Bible software to other Bible Societies, scholars, and end users, alike. Available in Linux, Windows, Macintosh OSX, and PDA and Handlheld computers. Bibles, commentaries, and other study tools available in a variety of languages.

ISA ( Interlinear Scripture Analyzer )
Interlinear Bible and concordance search software with parallel translations and lexicon.

In the Beginning Was the Word
Bible study software including a couple of English translations, Greek texts, a parallel Bible view, and note making abilities. Site offers screenshots.

An open source program for both the Windows .NET framework and Mono for Linux, with many Biblical texts and the possibility to import other texts into the program.

Free spiritual warfare software for DOS. Uses text from NIV and The Jerusalem Bible.

Online Bible
Bible software for Windows or Macintosh, available for download or by CD-Rom. Includes various versions of the Bible in various languages. Some content may be locked until a royalty fee is paid.

Perl Bible
English and Czech Bible Study. Several Bible translations are available. Primarily designed for Linux end-users.

Software for Recovering People
Free Bible study software for people in recovery from addiction. New Freedom Bible (12 step verses highlighted), and Recovery Companion (12 step NIV Bible with AA "Big Book"). Windows and OS/2.

Theophilos eGroup Add-on Library
Additional modules for the free Theophilos Bible program created by members of their user's group. Email discussion list and list of modules under development.

Verse Helper
Free windows program to aid you in memorizing Bible verses. Helps by popping up timely verses from the KJV. Access database verse list and editor to change translations.

World English Bible
Public Domain modern English translations of the Holy Bible, based on the ASV and original language texts, currently in draft form. Download in choice of formats (HTML, RTF, ASCII).

Xiphos (formerly known as GnomeSword) is a Bible study tool written for Linux and UNIX systems, offering a rich and full featured environment for reading, study, and research using modules from The Sword Project and elsewhere.