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American Catholic: Movie Reviews
Movies by title with short reviews and ratings.

Charity's Place
Conservative, Christian movie reviews based on moral content and acceptability.

Christianity Today - Movies
Reviews current movies and videos. Includes articles and a forum.

Christianity and the Arts
An essay about thinking critically when evaluating movies and reviews of contemporary movies from a Christian perspective.

Cinema In Focus
Reviews from a sociological and spiritual point of view. Movies
Reviews of current movie releases from a Christian perspective.

Decent Films Guide
Film appreciation, information and criticism informed by Christian faith.

Movie Concordance
A guide to movies dealing with Christian themes or contemporary interpretations of those themes. Includes both a title listing and a themes listing.

Movie Glimpse
Connecting spiritual insights and gospel themes to current movies.

Ted Baehr writes movie reviews based on moral acceptability.

The CAP Movie Ministry
Reviews movies for their content, not their artistic merit.

The Christian Science Monitor - Movies
Reviews mainstream, independent, and international movies, providing information about potentially offensive content.

The Movie Reporter
Film and video reviews from a Christian perspective. Current reviews require subscription; past reviews available online.