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African Woman Leads Crusade Against Polygamy
Reproduced from the New York Times. Tells of an effort to end this traditional rural practice in Ivory Coast, where the economics of hardscrabble farming have long encouraged men to take more than one wife.

Court Battle Over Polygamy Coming?
The Trumpet Herald - In June, the U.S. Supreme Court in a 6-3 decision decriminalized sodomy. "Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson is asking his nationwide audience to pray that God will remove three judges from the United States' highest court so conservatives can replace them."

For Zimbabwean Father, 86 is Not Enough
CNN - Although polygamy has been accepted for centuries in Africa, many in Zimbabwe feel the practice is in direct conflict with the modern-day values now practiced in much of the country.

Gambian freeze on polygamy
BBC NEWS - President Jammeh provokes ire among Muslim traditionalists with a three-year ban on polygamous marriages.

Marriage Issues Send my Daughter Wrong Message
USA Today, William Mattox Jr. - As the parents of a teenage daughter who hopes to get married someday, my wife and I not only have a stake in what our daughter is taught about marriage, we have a stake in what other people's sons are taught as well.

Polygamists see open door for acceptance
WorldNetDaily - Multiple-wives crowd hopes to capitalize on sodomy decision. "Polygamy is the next civil-rights battle."

Polygamy Issue Resolved
Announcement that the question of polygamy and clergy in the Celestial Church of Christ was resolved, and the denomination would be recommended for full World Council of Churches membership.

Russia Says No to Polygamy
BBC News - A decree by the leader of a small Muslim region in Russia allowing men to have up to four wives has been dismissed as unconstitutional by the justice minister.

SC issues notice to SG on Muslim woman's plea against polygamy
PTI - The Supreme Court on Friday issued a notice to the solicitor general of India on a petition filed by Julekhabi, a divorced Muslim woman, seeking a ban on polygamy prevalent in the community.

Sudan Pushes Polygamy
BBC - President Bashir urges Sudanese men to take more than one wife to increase the population and promote the country's development.

The Federal Marriage Amendment: Now is the Time for Action
Southern Baptist editorial supports amending the US Constitution to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

Uganda's Parliament to Re-Examine Polygamy
CNN - Sissie Nanyomba and Benna Nakato married the same man in the same month of the same year.