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Is Polygamy Part of God's Plan for Marriage?
Article saying that when God instituted His plan for marriage, it was that one man should have one wife.

One Flesh
Site comparing polygamy with homosexuality and prostitution, focusing on polygamy.

Analyses of attitudes toward polygamy and plural marriage in Christianity and other major religious traditions.

Polygamy in the NT Period
Claiming that monogamy is important to God's will, and that entering into polygamy is committing adultery.

Polygamy: Exaltation's Prerequisite or Stumbling Block?
Resources to show that polygamy is not the highest form of union between man and wife (wives). Need to consider doctrine on its own merits or lack thereof.

The Plain Truth About Old Testament Polygamy
Herbert W. Armstrong asserts that God did not sanction polygamy in Old Testament times and that Biblical patriarchs each had only one wife.