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Refuting arguments commonly used against polygamy. Showing the unjustness of stereotyping polygamists as being in cults, abusive, and other.

Cultural Practices in Conflict with Canadian Law
Recognizing existing polygamous marriages of immigrants and providing spouses with the benefits and entitlements normally available to spouses defined by Canadian law is an outstanding issue.

Kinship and Social Organization
Features articles and outlines of marriage customs among different societies, which also include information about polygyny.

Montesquieu: The Spirit of Laws
Article explaining that the law of polygamy is an affair that depends on calculation.

On the Economics of Polygyny
Unpublished paper from Ted Bergstrom exploring the prevalence and viability of polygamy in various societies.

Types of Polygamy, Polygamy Worldwide, Patterns of Occurrence, Polygamy and Religion, Legal Situation, and The Case of Mormonism.

Polygamy at Beliefnet
Articles and opinions on polygamy. Registered users can share their personal thoughts about the issue.

Polygamy: Another Lovestyle
Intellectual article by Deborah Anapol about polygamy and monogamy.

Polygyny Is Already A Practice
Article about polygamy in Africa, before and after the arrival of the colonizers and Christianity.
Provides the media and others with op-eds, press releases and articles from the pro-polygamy view. Gives email-alerts and offers access to a polygamy advocate to interview.

Query On Reasons For Polygamy
A student's query regarding the differing interpretations for the cultural reasons for polygyny.

The Economics of Love and Marriage
Professor David Friedman's essay exploring economic issues affecting polygamy.