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A Fair Globalization: Creating Opportunities for All
Analyzes impacts of the globalized world with the focus on people. Report by The World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization, International Labour Organization, 2004.

Center for Research on Globalization
An independent research and media group of progressive writers, scholars and activists committed to curbing the tide of "globalisation" and "disarming" the new world order. Bilingual, English and French.

Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation
From the University of Warwick, UK. Research concentrates on questions such as social policy issues, international financial crises, multijurisdictional tax competition, development of global and regional governance and other civil society activities regarding the topics.

Ethical Globalization Initiative
Brings key stakeholders together in new alliances to integrate concepts of human rights, gender sensitivity and enhanced accountability into efforts to address global challenges and governance shortcomings.

Free Trade and Globalization
Looks at the reality of free trade and the impacts it has on everyone.

Friends of the Earth: MAI
Commentary, analysis and links to websites about the Multilateral Agreement on Investment.

From the Wilderness: Oil, Politics and War
Provides a foundation for understanding oil's role in the global economy.

Global Balance
Provides an environment of information exchange, integration and support to assist NGOs and their projects to reach the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Global Education Network
An European network for learning in the field of global development issues and cooperation policy. Core activities are related to development of countries in Africa, Asia or South East Europe.

Global Envision
A web initiative of Mercy Corps with news and information on globalization, world business, poverty, global growth, and world trade. It aims to take the global free market system as a starting point for reducing world poverty.

Global Issues Gateway
An educational website created by Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey, USA, for those investigating issues arising from the rapid exchange of goods and ideas across increasingly porous geographic and cultural borders.

Global Marshall Plan
An initiative for the implementation of a global eco-social development plan as a basis for a worldwide ecological and social market economy.

Global Policy Forum
News, information, analysis and resources from an organization that monitors UN policy making on the matter and promotes accountability of global decisions.

Globalization's Stir-Fry
An article about how the new global economy changes long-accepted notions and arguments about American business. Authored by Harold Meyerson, Jun 2007.

A project of Neil D. Levin Graduate Institute of International Relations and Commerce, promotes a greater understanding of the challenges and dilemmas of globalization.

Globalization: Index
A peer-reviewed journal devoted to the examination of social, political, economic, and technological aspects of the topic, by The International Consortium for Alternative Academic Publication (ICAAP).

HBS Working Knowledge: Globalization
Links to articles and comments related to the topic.

Institute for International Economics - Globalization
Collection of papers on this topic by members the organization.

Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition
An intellectual center of McMaster University in Canada, bringing together faculty, students and members of the broader community for discussion, debate and analysis of globalization and its effects.

LifeWeb: The Biology of Globalization
Opinion article by Elisabet Sahtouris, it points out the threats of the economy of globalization against the basic principles by which healthy living systems are organized, 1998.

The Globalization Website
Resources on various issues related to the issue from Emory University.

Transnational Communities Programme
A research programme with the goal of looking into the human dimensions of globalization and aspects of emerging transnationalism. Commissioned by the United Kingdom Economic and Social Research Council, based in the University of Oxford - Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Wikipedia - Anti-Globalization Movement
Crowd-sourced encyclopedia article on the movement opposing globalization.

Wikipedia - Globalization
Crowd-sourced encyclopedia article on globalization and its various aspects.

World Exploitation
Provides topical related news and archive from a variety of sources on the Internet. Searchable news in 20 languages.

Yale Center for the Study of Globalization
The Center supports teaching and research on globalization, helps to enrich debate on the subject through workshops, conferences, and lectures, and responds quickly to important events by organizing timely public programs that bring together individuals from the University community with individuals active in the policy arena. From Yale University.