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Catholic Encyclopedia: Christian Democracy
Article from 1908 representing Christian democracy as the ensemble of Catholic doctrine, organization, and action in the field of popular social questions.

Christian Democracy in Western Europe 1920-1953
Hypertext of a book by Michael P. Fogarty published in 1957 describing the philosophical underpinnings of Christian Democracy, its history and involvement in 19th and 20th century movements, and its relationship to the Catholic Church and church history.

Graves de Communi Re
Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII, promulgated 18 January 1901, on the Christian Democracy name and movement.

The Nature of Christian Democracy: A Review and Critique of Maurice Glasman
Article by Nigel Meek published in the Libertarian Alliance's Economic Notes, No. 95 which reviews "Unnecessary Suffering: Managing Market Utopia," a history of the European Christian Democratic movement.