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Billy Bragg Forums
Political discussion focusing on UK and US politics.

Conflicting Views
American and world politics. Also features discussions on the economy, religion, philosophy, history and social issues.

Debate Policy
Featuring political discussion focussing on the United States. Also provides forums on international events, the war on terror and religion.

Debate Politics
Non partisan political forum discussing current events in the world.

Deep Politics Forum
Discussion on political and current events and affairs. With dedicated forums on topics such as 911, human trafficking, propaganda and the environment.

Defending The Truth
Debate and discussion of political topics and current events.

Democracy Forums
Discussion and debate centering around politics, religion, and current events.

Discussion World Forum
A discussion community with a focus upon current events, world affairs, politics, philosophy, history, religion, economics, entertainment, environment, sociology, science and literature.

Global Affairs
International political and current affairs discussion forum. Also features areas on science and technology, religion and society and culture. Politics
Discussion board with an international theme, covering political parties and movements, social issues, and government organizations.

House of Politics
Political forum. US and world politics. Business and economics, culture and religion, and science and technology.

Just Plain Politics
Discussing international current events and news. Also includes conspiracy theories, sports and hobbies.

Political Forums
Boards discussing various hot topics.

Political Fray
Discussion on news, current events, economics, philosophy and religion.

Political Groove
Discussion forum, social group and blog. Focussing on politics, current affairs and the latest news.

Political Hotwire
Discussion forum for a broad range of political topics, including US and world politics, labor, philosophy, history, and economics.

Political Roundtable
Forum for discussion and debate of political issues.

Political World
Discussions primarily focusing on Irish news, politics and current events. Also features international topics.
Active message board covering a wide range of social and political topics.

Politics Of The People
British and international political discussion community. Also features forums on literature, news and satire.

Revolutionary Left
Community for radical leftists. Discussion thread include politics, history, political theory, and philosophy.

Serious Topics
Political and economic discussion forum.

The Politics Forum
International and domestic politics, news and current affairs discussion forum.

US Politics Online
Long running political discussion forum, covering US government and politics, as well as social and cultural affairs.