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Intertheory Relations in Physics
Discussion of theory reduction in science; by Robert Batterman from the Stanford Encyclopedia.

Laws of Nature
Philosophical theories about what it is to be a law; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by John W. Carroll.

Philosophy of Science
Essays on philosophy of science from the Proceedings of the Friesian School, Fourth Series.

Philosophy of Science Resources
Resource page supplementing Bruce Janz' philosophy of science course.

Science Studies Web Server
Resource site at the University of Missouri.

Scientific Explanation
Philosophical theories about the nature of explanation in science; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by James Woodward.

Scientific Realism
Stanford Encyclopedia entry on thesis that science discovers truths about a theory-independent reality; by Richard Boyd.

Social Dimensions of Scientific Knowledge
Discussess the impact of social relations and values on scientific research; from the Stanford Encyclopedia by Helen Longino.

The Nature and Philosophy of Science
Examines the components, limitations, and popular mistaken beliefs of science and the scientific method. The web page also includes a section on scientific legitimacy.

Theories of Explanation
Entry on explanation in the sciences from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.