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Army Wife 101
A site for military spouses.

Army Wife Network
AWN is a grass-roots effort at interactive empowerment for Army wives. Resources, podcast, blog, columns, and social media.

Army Wives Forums
A place for US Army wives stationed all over the world come to join in support and kindship with one another.

British Second Wives Club
The BSWC was founded in 2005 to provide help, advice and support for women who are experiencing the trials and tribulations of being with a man who has a past.

Doctors’ Wives Living
Magazine covers recipes, fashion, health and medical issues, sex, fitness, and travel, and showcases a charity or non-profit every month.

A British support group for the wives of gay or bisexual men. Offers confidential friendship and understanding.

Firefighter Wife
A community committed to honor, strengthen and support fire service marriages and families.

Firefighters' Wives
Connecting with women who understand. Find supportive information, a memorial page, fire safety information, pictures and links including that to a message board.

Hawaii Army Spouses
This is a place where we welcome you to come and seek support, friendship as well as information about Hawaii.

Message board/forum for spouses of physicians, residents, and med students.

Mother-in-law vs. Daughter-in-law
This is a participant-based community blog for daughters-in-law.

Pastor's Wives
A web forum for Pastor's wives to meet, make friends and support each other.

Retro Housewife
A site for the old fashioned retro housewife with a dash of housewife humor. A look back in time at the life of a housewife and issues that interest today's retro housewife.

SAHD Wives
Wives of stay at home Dads. If you are the wife of a SAHD, or you family is considering this, share your experiences, ask your questions, or share your tips.

The 1st Wives Club
A place for first-timer wives to chat.

The British Second Wives Club
Support, advice and friendship for second wives and partners, stepmothers and wives of widowers in Britain and around the world.

The Online Wives Club
An email group for wives/fiances who have met their husbands online. Share stories, ask advice, post photos.

Traveling Hubbys
Forum/message board for women frequently left behind whilst husbands travel.

US Coast Guard Wives
Message board/forum providing support for coast guard wives.

Wives Of Excellence
Christian women striving to be all they can be for Christ and their families.