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Elenari Net
Articles, history, and community for Elenari on the web.

Embracing Mystery
A message board to share Otherkin knowledge and memories, explore white and dark magick, death, and the 'real world'.

The Otherkin Community
A forum and article resource for otherkin from all over the world.

The Vampire Connection Pages
A message forum to bring people of the vampiric lifestyle together, catering to both psi and blood vampirism as well as therianthropy.

Walking the Thresholds
Information, registration, directions, and history for a gathering of Otherkin held yearly.

What the Heck's an Otherkin?
Quick page introducing the concept.

Yet Another Otherkin Site
Describes being Otherkin from a personal perspective. Includes reference to KinSouth, a yearly Otherkin gathering in Florida.