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A Voice for Men
A website that covers reproductive rights, bias and misandry, against man and boys in the media and many other issues.

Art of Manliness
Targets husbands and fathers, featuring health, sports, relationships, and grooming.

Ask Mamu
A lifestyle magazine that targets Indian men.

Ask Men
Offers tips, hints, and guides about sex, women, relationships, dating, cheating, fashion, and health.

Geared towards career-driven men who enjoy local night-life, gadgets, sports, and entertainment.
Online magazine intended for men; sections include models, sports, entertainment, vices and city guides.

Citynet Magazine
General entertainment and lifestyle magazine with a focus on men. Includes a gallery of female models.

Online destination for men in their 20's who are interested in style, music, games, and women.

Contemporary Masculine
A buying guide that features gadgets, cars, clothes, shoes, and other stuff that guys like.

Entertainment magazine for males including sections in culture, sports, health, and recent news.

Double Agent
Daily intelligence for men.

Guide for men who want to live a fuller, richer, more informed and rewarding life. Style, manners, money, culture, and cuisine.

Publishes daily articles on tech tips, gaming tricks, sports news and entertainment buzz.

Digital magazine for men that focuses on adventure, gear, photography, women, and videos.

Fearless Men
A blog that publishes articles related to increasing a man's confidence and learning new skills.

Focuses on popular culture. Reviews of video games, movies, music, and everyday happenings.

Website of well-known men's magazine.

Gear Patrol
Web journal that publishes short reviews of products for men, in addition to in-depth articles related to adventuring and style.

A site for news, swag, sports and entertainment for the modern man.

Features interviews, podcasts, and articles that cover sports, gadgets, girls, and grub.

A humor and lifestyle magazine targeting young men in college.

Lifestyle website targeting modern Indian men. Featuring vices, tips, gear and sports.

Handlebar Magazine
A lifestyle magazine for young men focused primarily on style, sports, entertainment, and culture.

His Potion
Hispotion features stuff men like. Covering topics from lifestyle to gear and beautiful women, and always keeping things simple.

Jayson Gaddis
A blog offering life coaching for men. Includes resources on spirituality, fatherhood, psychology, and relationship advice.

Made Man
A men's portal that includes content from a variety of web properties owned by Break Media. The site features daily articles, a gallery of women, and viral videos.

A blog with comments, ideas and advice from the male perspective.

Man Over Board
Men's lifestyle blog with articles on fashion, health, trends, investing, relationships, and self improvement.

Insightful commentary on issues facing men mid-life. Written from a women's unique perspective.

Mankind Unplugged
A men's lifestyle website with a girl's perspective on dating, offbeat news, gadgets, fashion, and models.

Maxim Online
Online version of leading men's lifestyle magazine. Girls, entertainment, sports and jokes.

Men's Journal
A general interest, active lifestyle magazine with a focus on adventure, travel, equipment, sports, fitness, health, and style.

A monthly journal of articles, essays, observations, and resources for men. Covers health, spirituality, relationships, men in society, gatherings, and events.

Modern Man
Advice, tips, and information for men on pop culture, gear, grooming, love and sex.

Next Luxury
A buyer's guide and general lifestyle magazine for guys.

Owen Marcus
Self improvement blog with resources for men that are interested in learning new skills.

Pinstripe Magazine
A guide for guys who are interested in keeping up with the latest in gear, girls and gadgets.

Personal development guide for young men who are transitioning from college to their careers.

Shave Magazine
General-interests magazine dedicated to providing men with information, advice, tips and tricks.

An entertainment magazine offering commentary on men's issues such as beer, babes, sports, movies and gaming.

Tao of Bachelorhood
Articles on grooming, clothes, fitness, food and dating to help single men live better.

Publication that features interviews, biographies, and photographs of women from Arizona State University.

The Aspiring Gentleman
A Vancouver-based blog about scotch, cigars.

The Genuine Man
Contains articles on fashion, liquor, daily life, and philosophy. Also features an editorial column: One Guys Opinion.

The Good Men Project
A website that examines what it means to be a good man in today's society.

The Popular Man
Informational website dedicated to helping men become more confident with their looks, careers, and social life.

The Smoking Jacket
Entertainment magazine with articles on humor, television shows, girls, and funny videos.

Men’s lifestyle brand that keeps readers up-to-date with new food, nightlife, gadgets and travel.

Unfashionable Male
Resource for men who love sports, music, games reviews, technology reviews and other guy stuff.

Unfinished Man
Men's online guide to entertainment, fitness and fine living.

A web magazine featuring automotive news and reviews.