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First Wave Indigo Adults
The Knights from the ultra violet realm, uniting the cosmic energies for unity and ascension.

Indigo Children Network
Articles and other resources about health, behavior, spirituality, and other aspects of Indigo. Includes online shopping and opportunities for visitors to post about their experiences.

Indigo Files
Adult Indigo argues the case that crystal children incarnations have not been a success, and explains why adults are transitioning to Octarine.

Namaste Cafe: Indigo Children
Articles, poetry, resources, and advice by Indigos.

The SKeptic's Dictionary: Indigo Children
A skeptical analysis of the concept.

Yahoo! Groups : Active-indigos
Group for those indigos interested in ecology, science, politics, and spirituality.

Yahoo! Groups : Indigo-adults
A community chat list.

Yahoo! Groups : Indigo-parents
An open membership group with archive viewable by public. For parents of Indigo Children.