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About Women's Military and War History
Those who fought and served in support roles, plus how women's roles changed for women who stayed home. From the Guide to Women's History

Amazing Women in War and Peace
Women in the Revolutionary War: Deborah Samson, Anne Bailey, and others.

H-Minerva Discussion Network
H-Net discussion network devoted to the study of women and war and women in the military, worldwide and in all historical areas. Affiliated with the Minerva Center, a non-profit educational foundation.

Military Women in Advertisements
A history of women in the military from the Revolutionary War to present day. Information about sexual harassment issues, current women veterans issues, and extensive information for military women, past and present.

Acronym for Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service was established during World War II. This Web site honors all women of the WAVES.

Women Come to the Front
Journalists, photographers and broadcasters of World War II spotlight eight women.