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Examples of wacky and crazy patents that have been issued to inventors throughout the years.

Fishing Patents
Examples of patents related to fishing, sorted into categories.

Free Inventors Help
Information on obtaining a patent, patent searches, finding legal advice, industrial designing, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, pitfalls to avoid, inventor organizations and resource links

Free Patents Online
Searchable summaries of U.S. patents.
Listing of recent US patent applications with keyword monitoring and RSS feeds.

HowStuffWorks: How Patents Work
Easy to read illustrated narratives that provides basic information on patents, what they are, how they work and how an inventor goes about getting one.

Detailed evaluations, comparisons, and ratings of patent search systems, with patent search tools by country and categorized by technology.

Invents Company, LLC
A free resource for intellectual property (patents) tips and advice.
Offers information on patent basics, patent exchange, monetization, divestment, investment, acquisition and IP policy.

Ius mentis
Concise primers, answers to frequently asked questions, and articles on patents and other intellectual property rights, aimed at people with a background in information and communication technology.

Patent Alert
Providing email updates about inventions recently patented in the United States.

Patent Genius
Full text and information on U.S. patents since 1976, available by category, class, inventor or holder.

Patent Search Information Site
Introductory guide to patent information and the conduct of searches.
Patent search service.

Overview of United States patent law with reference to court rulings.

Peer to Patent
Patent review project affiliated with the United States Patent and Trademark Office where patent applicants submit applications for review by industry peers.

Software Patent Institute
Nonprofit corporation formed to provide courses and prior art about software technology to help improve the patent process.

Strategy Patent, LLC
Information on the creation and valuation of intellectual property assets, particularly patents. From Coleman Sudol LLP.

Tyson Wilde - Inventor Basics
Basic patent information for inventors.