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Basics of Minnesota Defamation Law
General information provided by an attorney based in Minneapolis.

Excerpt from David Hurd's Employee Survival Handbook covering defamation in the workplace.

Defamation Act 1996
Complete text of the official legislation for the UK.

Defamation Law and Free Speech
Information about legal rights and options for action for residents of Australia who may be threatened by a legal action or who are worried about something they want to say or publish.

Foreign Libel, Slander and Defamation Cases
Summaries of cases from countries outside the U.S.

It's a Small World After All: Emerging Protections for the U.S. Media Sued in England
An article by Laura R. Handman and Robert D. Balin that reflects upon the practice of plaintiffs bringing their libel suits into British courts, despite not residing in Britain.

Mark Higham: This is Libel
Overview of British libel law for the general reader.

The Future of Libel Law and Independent Appellate Review: Making Sense of Bose Corp. v. Consumers Union of United States, Inc.
Originally published in Cornell Law Review by Gary A. Paranzino.

Unfettered Press: Libel Law in the United States
An overview of libel law from the perspective of journalists and the media.