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Sponsored by scientists in favor of crop biotechnology. Members include Nobel Prize winners Norman Bourlaug and James Watson.

Agent Orange
Personal pages give an overview of the extent of genetic engineering in plants and animals as well what some of the hazards might be.

Alliance for Better Foods
Encourages fact-based discussion about developments in plant biotechnology.

BBC Special report: Food under the microscope
Questions and answers, articles, and a debate between a biotech company and Greenpeace, plus links to pro and con sites.

Center for Food Safety
An environmental and public health organization which has initiated landmark legal actions against the FDA and EPA to preserve the integrity of the food supply.

Debunking Myths of Genetic Engineering in Crops
Article attacking genetic engineering, with references, by E. Ann Clark.

Engineering Crops in a Needy World
Presentation of the genetically modified food debate in India.

Genetically Manipulated Food News
Information on the spread of genetic modification in the food supply as well as the politics and legal issues. Searchable index by subject and date.

Genetically Modified Food - UK and World News
Archive of news articles about GM foods, from 1998 to the present. Also includes editorials about the risks, lack of safety testing, and proponents of the products.

Genetically Modified Foods and Organisms
Overview of genetically modified foods, crops, organisms. Pros and cons of genetic modification.

Global Issues: Genetically Engineered Food
Outlines scientific and consumer concerns about genetically engineered and modified foods. Safety, food patents, Monsanto's role and media coverage are addressed.

Myths About GMO paper argues that biotech has no benefits for starving people in the developing world.

Norfolk Genetic Information Network (NGIN)
UK and international news; articles; quotations by scientists.

Organic Seed Alliance
Supports the ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of agricultural seed.

Quotations by scientists on the safety of GM foods
"There is an awful lot unknown about hazards of new [GM food] crops and until it is fully tested we should not be subjecting people to risks, least of all young children."

A page on GM food at the website of the Social Issues Research Centre.

Terminator technology threatening African farmers' rights
Article in Afrol News on the possible effects of the terminator gene on southern African agriculture.