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Fragile Freedoms
Christian Science Monitor 3-part special report on balancing security measures with protection of civil liberties.

Green Valley Media
Non-profit film and video production and distribution company explain their goal of promoting awareness of social and human rights issues. Work of the group, and videos and presentations available.

Guardian Special Report: Freedom of Information
Ongoing coverage of news and analysis about freedom of information acts in both the UK and the US, plus links to speeches, organizations, public polls, official government reports and legislation. UK.

Human Rights Quarterly
Articles concerning human rights around the world by authors from a variety of disciplines, as well as news about UN and human rights groups.
Focused in teaching the principles of the libertarian movement .

Reckonings: A Journal of Justice, Hope and History
Resources and reflections on issues of human and cultural change and development, human rights, and justice in its full range of dimension: individual, social, political, economic and environmental.

Slate: Tortured Justice
Article from Slate discusses the ugly ways to extract information from suspects and the legal limits for such methods.