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AIDS and Substance Abuse
War on Drugs
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Almanac of Policy Issues: Drug Policy
Background information and links on U.S. drug policy issues.

Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy
A non-profit organization founded in 1993 by several of Canada's leading specialists in drug policy.

Drug Minimization
Prohibition of drugs, as with alcohol, has been a failure. Outright legalization, as with alcohol and tobacco, would also be a failure. What is needed is a middle ground, a true policy of "decriminalization." Specific proposals are examined here.

Give the People What They Want
Argues that the government should fund research into safe alternatives to recreational illegal drugs, that provide the same benefits without any of the dangerous ill-effects.

Independent Drug Monitoring Unit
Unique drugs research in the UK. Information for students and solicitors.

National Drug Strategy Network
Information sharing network. Takes no official positions on policy matters.

The Drug Wars
Topics on this site include prohibition, abuse, legalization, and the war on drugs. Heavily hyperlinked to authoritative offsite resources.