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Abriged Ethics Essay: Routine Infant Circumcision
This essay debates the pros and cons of routine infant circumcision in regard to the ethics of the procedure.

Features information and opinions about infant male circumcision.

U.S. doctor calls for universal circumcision by Patricia Reaney. 23 September 1997

Circumcised at 13
An illustrated comic book about circumcision and unrequited love. By Jeremy Jusay.

Circumcision Issues
Circumcision information links and references. - Circumcision
Views on circumcision, letters, articles, FAQs and links.

Harms of Male Circumcision
Resources indicating that male circumcision is harmful.

In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child
Collection of quotes and explicit pictures concerning the risks and complications, both physical and emotional.

Intactivism Pages: AAP Positions on Male and Female Genital Modification
A comparison of the AAP's statements on male and female genital modification.

Male Circumcision in the USA
Article provides information about the practice of circumcision.

NOHARMM - Critical Analysis of the 1999 AAP Statement on Infant Circumcision
A synopsis and assessment of the policy statement.

Parenthood Web
Tries to answer the question: Should my baby be circumcised?