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Arrive Alive
Aimed at enhancing awareness of all aspects of road safety in South Africa, including impaired driving.

Blood Alcohol Content
Gives what BAC percentage exists after a user enters in data including what and how much alcohol is consumed, body weight, and other information.

Blood Alcohol Educator
Learn how gender, body weight, food, and what, how much, and how fast one drinks can affect blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Deadly Roads
Discusses the nature of hit-and-run crashes, many of which are alcohol related. Includes news and victim assistance resources.

Drinking and Driving
Evaluates prevention measures to reduce drunk driving, including license suspension or revovation, impounding or confiscating vehicle plates, enforcing open container laws, and increasing penalties such as fines and jail. Provided by SUNY Potsdam, a division of the State University of New York.

Jeannette's Law and DUI / DWI Fatalities
Aims to stop habitual drunk drivers from killing anymore children and help pass Jeannette's Law -- a lifetime license revocation for a 3rd DUI offense -- in all US states.