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A Draft After the 2000 Elections?
There may yet be a military draft in the future if for those turning 20 in 2001, once the elections are out of the way. Documents key members of Congressional military committees, for the first time in a generation, are discussing revival of the draft.

Draft Registration: The Politics of Institutional Immortality
Even the Department of Defense acknowledges that registration could be dropped with no effect on military mobilization requirements. Yet draft registration lives on, an example of the difficulty of terminating even the most useless government programs.
A group attacking the policies of selective service registration in the USA.

European Campaign Against Conscription
Struggling to end forced military drafts.

Neither Fair Nor Useful
Believes the State must not arbitrarily and systematically oblige its citizens to go into a service, armed or not, against their will.

No-Conscription Fellowship
An organisation active since the First World War which encourages men to refuse war service.