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Airline On-Time Statistics
U.S. Bureau of Transportation figures on airline's tardinesses.

Anti-Scofflaw Regulation
This proposal would prevent the federal government from entering into contracts with companies that are chronic violators of consumer, environmental, labor, tax, antitrust and employment laws.

As You Sow
Organization promoting corporate accountability - holding corporations accountable for complying with consumer, workplace and environmental laws.

Boycott Action News
Green America's "tell it like it is" information about corporations that need to be made more accountable.

CSR360 Global Partner Network
Global network of not-for-profit organizations working with businesses to improve their positive impact on society.

Corporate Accountability Project
Researching Corporations section provides links to numerous resources to investigate publicly traded corporations.

Corporate America: The Land of the Greed
Personal commentary by Evan Stair on the effects of corporate values on small town life.

Corporate Governance
Facilitates the movement to enhance wealth creation by transforming corporations into more democratic entities through shareholder activism and empowering boards of directors.

Corporations and Health Watch
Provides activists, researchers, health professionals, policy makers and others with information and resources so they can act to change corporate practices that harm health.

Essential Action
Site for alerting and organizing efforts in corporate accountability.

Hands-On Corporate Research Guide
Step-by-step interactive guide to researching corporations on the Internet.

Initiative Against Economic Globalization PRAGUE 2000
Aims to help citizens' democratic rights to publicly demonstrate in order to bring accountability to bear upon large, multinational corporations.

Jennifer Zerk Consulting
Independent consultancy specializing in the legal side of corporate social responsibility.

Loka Institute
Begun in 1987, enables information and organizing about worldwide concerns with science, technology and society. Genetic engineering by corporations, for example, has been a focus here.

Max Havelaar Switzerland
Swiss firm promoting and enabling fair trade actions.

One Market, Under God
Thomas Frank, 35, contends that behind the go- go stock market and the feel-good atmosphere, the American economy that bloomed in the 1990's is sick, and that the divide between rich and poor has widened. To read this NY Times interview of him, requires free registration.

Profit vs. Social Responsibility
Cyber College asks students to calculate the costs / benefits of socially responsible business decisions.

The Fair Labor Association
Nonprofit network which gets major footwear and clothing manufacturers to agree to disclose specific factory names, where in the world their products are manufactured.

The International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF)
Nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to achieving just and humane treatment for workers worldwide.

The MacBride Principles
Principles of conduct for firms doing business in Northern Ireland.

Watered Stock Pyramid Analysis
Links to articles by Bill Parish about Citicorp, Cisco Systems and Microsoft printing stock with abandon.