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A Labor Day Quiz
Short quiz tests knowledge of labor practices and U.S. history.

A&E Networks - History: Labor Day
Describes the background of the holiday. Includes videos.

Address of Mayor Angelo Rossi
1939 speech by San Francisco mayor delivered before the American Federation of Labor.

Annie's Labor Day Page
Biblical perspective on the day along with history and a list of the U.S. Secretaries of Labor.

Celebrating Labor Day at The Holiday Zone
Offers poetry, quotations, printable material for children, and educational resources for teachers. Labor Day
Feature brief reflection and links to related resources.

Education Place Themes - Labor Day
Offers word puzzles, interactive quizzes, and educational activities.

Education World: Great Sites For Teaching About Labor Day
A guide for teachers to using web resources in the classroom.

Howstuffworks: Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?
Explains why people celebrate this holiday and why it is observed on the first Monday in September.

Labor Day
Relates the history of the day, explains its significance, and describes ways in which people celebrate the holiday.

The History of Labor Day
Explains how the observance came to be and what it means. From the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

Today in Labor History
Offers a weekly overview of key events in the history of the American labor movement.

What If We Didn't Need Labor Day?
Contemplates what might happen if the media focused its attention on the lives of the nation's workforce the rest of the year.

What's With This Day Off for Labor Day?
CNN U.S. News article complaining about the recent lack of respect for Labor Day.