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Alexander Polyhistor
Ambrose, Stephen
Ammianus Marcellinus
Appleby, Joyce
Art Historians
Barzun, Jacques
Bean, Charles Edwin Woodrow
Bede the Venerable, Saint
Bontempi, Giovanni Andrea
Boorstin, Daniel
Brinkley, Alan
Brooke, Christopher
Burckhardt, Jacob
Caesar, Julius
Cahill, Thomas
Cannadine, David
Cassius Dio
Churchill, Winston
Diodorus Siculus
Diogenes Laertius
Ellis, Joseph
Evans, Harold
Foote, Shelby
Froissart, Jean
Gibbon, Edward
Gilbert, Martin
Goodwin, Doris Kearns
Gregory of Tours
Historians of Philosophy
Historians of Science
Hobsbawm, Eric
Jackson, Helen Hunt
Johnson, Paul
Keegan, John
Khaldun, Ibn
Leuchtenburg, William
Macaulay, Thomas
Maier, Pauline
Mandel, Ernest
Marx, Karl
Morgan, Kenneth O.  
Morison, Samuel Eliot
Parker, Geoffrey
Pisan, Christine de
Procopius of Caesarea
Roberts, Andrew
Said, Edward
Schama, Simon
Schiller, Friedrich
Starkey, David
Terkel, Studs
Toynbee, Arnold
Toynbee, Arnold Joseph
Voegelin, Eric
Webb, Walter Prescott
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Adkins, Lesley and Roy
Authors of history and archaeology books. Detailed description of their publications.

Alexander, Bevin
US military historian, strategist, and author. With excerpts, articles, commentary and a questions and answers section dealing with military history and foreign affairs.

Arazi, Doron
Israeli historian, journalist and author. Recent articles, primarily in German, available.

Bhagavan, Manu
Profile of Manu Bhagavan, assistant professor in the History Department at Hunter College-CUNY, with a research focus on 20th-century India.

Christopher Dawson Internet Archive
The life and work of a British sociologist and historian of culture. Photograph, biography by Adam Fierro, articles by and about Dawson and bibliography.

Dash, Mike
Website of historian Mike Dash. Contains original research as well as information on his books

Duggan, J. N.
Information about the author and her works: biographies on Sophia, Electress of Hanover, Irish rationalist philosopher John Toland and Count Hans Axel Fersen.

Fernand Braudel Center for the Study of Economies, Historical Systems, and Civilizations
Binghamton University center which continues Braudel's study of large-scale social change over long periods of historical time. Papers, description of scholarly activities and events, and organizational structure available.

Hill, Dr Maria
Dr Maria Hill's primary expertise is in the field of Australian History, Military History and Immigration.

Keay, Anna
Dr Anna Keay is the Properties Director for English Heritage.

Kertzer, David
Information on the books and other professional activities of this historian and anthropologist, the Paul Dupee University Professor of Social Science at Brown University.

Langworth, Richard M.
The personal web site of the historian and writer. Essays about Winston S. Churchill, classic automobiles and traveling in the Bahamas.

Mladjov, Ian S.R.
Recent papers, conference presentations, and articles. Also contains his collection of detailed chronological and genealogical lists of rulers, along with historical notes on the origin of the state, rulers' titles, and other background information.

Professor Carroll Quigley Legacy Site
A site dedicated to sharing the legendary writings and other works of the late Professor Quigley of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service.

Raphael, Ray
Author of a trilogy of histories that reappraise the American Revolution.

Rogozinski, Jan
Includes biographical information and information about his books on cities and urban life, French history, the Caribbean Islands, piracy, and tobacco consumption.

Rose, Alexander
Historian specializing in intelligence, technology, and military affairs. The site has contact information, selected links, biography, and book descriptions.

San Juan College: Dr. J. Kelly Robison
Curriculum Vitae, description of courses, resources for students.

Sawyer, Ralph
Author focusing on the history of Chinese military and intelligence. Includes list of publications, notes and information on lectures.

Schom, Alan Morris
Personal website of the historian, author, public lecturer.

Schultz, Duane
Author of several military histories on the U.S. Indian Wars, the Civil War, and World War II.

Steinacher, Gerald
Historian at University of Nebraska, Lincoln, author of Nazis on the Run.

Straus, Barry
Interests range from the battle of Salamis and ancient warfare to the sport of rowing and citizenship today.

The Guardian: Arthur M Schlesinger Jr
Obituary examining the career of the American historian, a committed Democrat.

The Historians and Their Books
A listing of major historians, with bibliographies.