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Buncefield Fuel Depot Fire
Cairo-Luxor, Egypt Train Fire 2002
Centralia Mine Fire
Chicago Fire 1871
Hartford Circus Fire 1944
Hinckley, Minnesota Fire 1894
London Fire 1666
New London, Texas School Explosion 1937
Peshtigo Fire 1871
Rhode Island Nightclub Fire 2003
San Bruno, California Pipeline Explosion 2010
San Francisco Earthquake and Fire 1906
Texas City Disaster 1947
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire 1911
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Fires and Explosions
List of dates, places, and death tolls of some of history's worst fires.

Our Lady of the Angels School Fire, December 1, 1958, Chicago, IL
On December 1, 1958, Our Lady of the Angels school in Chicago caught fire, killing 92 children and 3 nuns. Contains photos and information about this tragic fire, its victims and survivors.