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ARS Website
Features images and maps of the Eagle's Nest, photos of the Ardennes forest, Normandy, war museums, bunkers, and war monuments. Includes movies.

Campaigns and Operations
Orders of battle, battles, and general information.

Hitler's Third Reich and World War Two in the News
Daily edited review of related news and articles.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: World War II
Collection of resources.

Military Maps of the Second World War
Maps include D-Day and campaigns in Europe, the Russian Front, and Asia Pacific theater. Geographical atlases from the war period also are available. [Images in DJVU format]

Phil's World War II Pages
Articles include biography of Adolf Hitler, important dates, casualty figures, high commands, trivia, recommended books, and glossary of operations, equipment, and organizations.

Signals Collection '40-'45
A Dutch non-profit foundation with the aim to conserve and preserve the allied army, navy and air force radio and radar equipment used and/or build by the allies during the Second World War. Includes photographs, articles and classifieds.

Spartacus Educational Encyclopedia
Collection of articles. Includes biographies and details of various aspects of the conflict.

WW2 People's War
An opportunity for the war generation and their families to pass on their stories to future generations.

Photos, paintings profiles, and a forum.

WWII Resources
Comprehensive collection of primary source materials, some on-site, some links to elsewhere.

World War 2
Facts, quotes, images, statistics, and details of battles, aircraft, and weapons.

World War 2 Articles
Diverse articles about military campaigns, famous battles, weapons and equipment, war crimes, and personalities.

World War 2 Insightful Essays
Topical essays on strategy, battles, weapons, people, and intelligence.

World War II
Information on major conflicts, U-boats, generals, and political leaders.

World War II
Summary of the war that covers ideology, propaganda, Jewish persecution, and concentration camps.

World War II Database
Articles and photos on people, events, ships, aircraft, and books.

World War II: The War at a Glance
Provides overviews of various battles and events.

World War Two
Online history of the war includes a timeline, the Holocaust, Battle of Britain and personalities involved.