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AHA (Advanced Human All)) Paradigm Project
A mainly internet based community of scientists and researchers of all disciplines that work on a new synthetic paradigm as a foundation of future science, future communication and future community.

Flickr: Robots: Technology Pop Culture
Share and discuss the latest tech news (gadgets, robotics, cyborging, futurism) or geek out on robots in pop culture media (film, anime, manga, comics).

Immortality Institute
Dedicated to education regarding the prospect of indefinite life extension technologies. Offers forum, chat, frequently asked questions, and articles of interest.

Immortek: Physical Immortality Community
An online network of individuals from around the world supporting physical immortality and life extension ideas. Offers forum, frequently asked questions, and scientific articles.

What's Our Future
Forum established to discuss what our future will be like in several different areas, such as technology, computer, economy, politics, war, and sociology.