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A Collection of Yukon River Indian Legends
Small e-text collection of tales.

Canku Ota: Stories Index
Archive of native legends and folktales published in this Indian cultural newsletter.

Eldrbarry's Raven Tales
Collection of Indian legends from the Pacific Northwest.

First People Legends
Online collection of more than 1300 tales from the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Indian Story and Song from North America
Nineteenth-century collection of native legends by Alice Fletcher.

Native American Literature
Repository for legends and traditional stories from hundreds of tribes.

Native American Stories
Collection of Indian legends, mostly unattributed, from various tribal traditions.

Piasa Bird Legend
The fictional Illinois "Indian" legend of the Piasa Bird, and the explanation of its true origins (a white fictionwriter invented it in the 19th century).

Storytelling of the North Carolina Native Americans
Lumbee, Cherokee, and Occaneechi traditional storytelling and stories.

Tales from the Totems of the Hidery
Nineteenth-century collection of Haida legends.

The Children and the Hummingbird
Excerpt from a book of Hopi legends.

The Ku Bird and the Walking Stone
Two tales excerpted from a book of Yaqui myths.

The Legend of Eagleman
An excerpt from a collection of Pima Indian tales.

The Story of the Bear and His Indian Wife
Nineteenth-century recounting of a Haida legend.

Zuņi Folk Tales
Frank Hamilton Cushing's 1901 collection of legends and stories.