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All Children Can Learn
Contains sites for Special Education Students, as well as Special Education Resource sites and Personal Disability Pages.

Brighter Futures Web Ring
Dedicated to promoting a better life for children with all types of special needs and disability awareness. Sites may include specific disabilities, as well as support and links.

Caregivers of Mentally Disabled Children
Tribute, support and information for the caregivers of children and young adults suffering from mental disorders.

Cerebral Palsy and Family Support
Sites offering support to those with disabilities and their families.

Children with Disabilities
A network of disability related websites.

Chronic Pain
For anyone who suffers with any form of chronic pain. Attempting to bring together all types of medical conditions for support, education and friendship.

DAWN: Disabilities Awareness Webring Network
Includes sites about a specific disability, support groups, and personal pages by disabled individuals or their families.

Disability Studies Web Ring
Brings together sites relating to the interdisciplinary research on the history, literature, experience and culture of people with disabilities.

Epilepsy Web Ring
A group of sites for anybody who has a seizure problem, or has a loved one with epilepsy.

Hearts of Gold
Group of loving people who have gathered together because of a member of the family with a disability.

Infantile Spasms Web Ring
Stories of children and their struggles with the disorder. Links to various infantile spasms sites on the web.

Promotes education, enlightenment, and encouragement. Open to organizations, medical sites, and personal homepages.

PICPAIN Sick and Tired Webring
Created to bring together people who with physical and emotional pain and illness. Sites about any aspect of disease or pain are accepted.

Reach Out's disABILITY NetRing
For sites of disABILITY interest.

Social Security Disability Webring
Information and resources for those interested in Social Security disability benefits.

Special Needs Children
Homepages to help families with special needs children.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)
Allows individuals and families affected by SMA to join their homepages together.

Unique Children's Advocacy Network (UCAN)
Web sites that provide ideas, projects, and activities that improve the lives of children with disabilities.