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Adam Lee
Dyslexic young man performs twisting balloons.

All About Joey
Highlights the life of Joseph Wayne Abdulaziz, a yound boy with Joubert Syndrome that died in 2003. Explains his condition and offers images and memorials.

Amputee Swimmer
The personal blog of an above knee amputee. Highlights his struggles and fears that he overcame to become an accomplished championship swimmer.

Andy Noble: Noble Patch Collection
Highlights the live story of Andy Noble from Roseville, MI that has cerebral palsy and a chronic lung disease. Displays his collection of over 15,000 patches from emergency service departments around the world.

Changing Colorado Springs
Reflections of a single father raising a special needs child with Down's syndrome) in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

DJ Quads Racing
The personal story of two quadriplegic wheelchair users that both broke their necks in cars and are now racing cars. View images with video clips and sponsorship requests.

Di's Home Page
Disability information and a little bit about me. I have spent a lot of time over the years gathering disability resource information.

Found in Ceylon
A deaf American volunteer worker tells the story of her work in a deaf and blind orphanage in Sri Lanka.

Inspiration on Wheels!
Motivating, uplifting, encouraging, fun site which shows how being disabled is a challenge which can enhance the quality of life when a person tries. Scouting for kids in wheelchairs, snow skiing, feelings, and elmo.

Kalib's Web Site
Tells the story of his preterm birth (23 weeks), spinal cord injury and bout with cancer. Includes lots of pictures, a glossary, links, and suggestions for books and toys.

Living with Cerebral Palsy
Highlights the story of Kieron, born in 2000 with cerebral palsy. Details of his treatments, education and home life plus offers related links.

Lynette's Page
30 year old went into a coma after childbirth. Now is permanently disabled.

Rick's Life As A Paraplegic
Highlights how Rick adapted to life after becoming disabled, managing daily life events and details of helpful adaptations after 30 plus years of being a paraplegic.

See With Your Heart, Speak With Your Heart
A website for those with disabilities to visit for inspiration, and dialogue. Authored by a legally blind retired teacher.

Sliloh's Rambles
The ramblings of a person with borderline personality disorder and a pinal gland brain tumor. Includes family details and images and information about the conditions.

Virginia Sullinger
Stories by a mother of three children with severe medical conditions.