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Crane Mountain Weapons
Custom wooden kobudo weapons for martial artists

Dragon Martial Arts
Knives, swords, and other weapons and personal security products.

Guest Bo's
Bo staffs made by Wayne Guest. Contains product list and ordering form.

JSP Bladerigger
Custom knives, custom rattan and metal fighting sticks, heavy-duty large capacity stick bags.

Keen Edge Knives
Aluminum training knives.

Kris Cutlery
Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and European bladed weapons.

Kuden Jutsu Enterprises
Personal security ninja weapon for men and women.

Mantis Swords
Traditionally made Swedish steel and carbon steel swords, as well as naginata, cane swords, helmets and goza cutting mats.

Offering namebrand edged weopons from the practical to fantasy.

No Lie Blades
Offering training blades the leaves an ink mark where the cut would have been.

Samurai Warehouse
Wholesaler and retailer of Samurai swords and fantasy daggers.

The Sword Armory
Over 325 swords, katanas, and armor from Paul Chen, Marto, Iberia, and Gladius.