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Balsan Cosmetic
Hand and foot care solutions for calluses and corns.

Brightlife Direct
Support hosiery and compression products for men and women. Includes a newsletter and FAQ.
Herbal treatment for peripheral neuropathy of the foot and leg.

Dr. Scholl's
Manufacturer of foot care products for relieving and preventing foot, heel and knee pain.

A compact and portable stepper that can improve circulation.

Foot Care Express
Offers computerized custom arch support through the web.

Foot Express
Foot care home health products and treatments.

Foot Log
A foot or body massager and exerciser.

Foot Petals Inc.
Tip Toes designer ball-of-foot cushions for women's fashion footwear.

Foot Trainer
Unique products and effective exercises for foot pain and related conditions.

FootAmerica Products
Foot pain and ankle pain relief products.

Footcare Online
Footcare information and products.

Haelan Medical Corp.
A treatment for ingrown or pressure-sensitive toenails.

JMG Products
Offers an all-natural product that kills foot odor causing bacteria.

Miracle Products
Miracle Stone and Pedicare pumice stone. Foot, skin and nail care products for the professional.
Information and products for foot and ankle problems.

Eliminate foot and underarm odor.

Nordic Care
Foot care system from Sweden for the control of dry cracked heels.

Insoles, powders, sprays and socks designed to meet your foot odor and wetness needs.

On Your Toes
Offers bactericide formula that kills the bacteria that cause foot and shoe odor.

Online Arch Supports
Customized arch supports for total foot comfort and increased athletic performance.

PPS Footcare
Provides products specifically designed for the health and welfare of feet.

Information for consumers, medical professionals, and retailers of their products for feet.

Pittsburgh Plastics
Applications using proprietary IsogelTM Urethane Elastomer include gel footcare insoles and facial masks.

Sorbothane performance and shock absorbing insoles.

Sock Genie
Device to assist persons having difficulty in putting on conventional socks, compression or elastic hosiery.

Springbak Inc.
Offers Springbak performance-boosting Springsoles.
Offer Spenco medical foot care products.

Hosiery and footwear used in the treatment and prevention of medical conditions of the legs and feet.

Product designed to prevent and relieve arch related foot pain.