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AffirmWare (Sculptor)
Affirmation software for goal setting and motivation. Utilizes subliminal messages and subconscious imagery.

Autosuggestion, relaxation and behavior modification services. Provides online support, personal consultations, motivational emails, and audio products.

Cleaning Out The Closet
CDs, workbooks, journals, courses and starter packs by certified hypnotherapist Debbie Friedman.

Deep Trance Now
Offers a range of hypnosis scripts, books, e-books, and audios products. Includes articles and other resources.

Talking computer hypnosis programs customized for individual self-help topics.

Hypnosis Headquarters
Offers ebooks for information on practical application of hypnosis. Includes training courses, books, CDs, and DVDs.

Hypnosis Online
Resources for finding a local hypnotherapist, classifieds, message boards, and bookstore.

The home of the hypnotist Jonathan Royle. Includes training courses, DVDs, and eBooks.

Hypnotic World
Offers hypnotic scripts, case histories, problem and treatment information, weight loss facts, and other resources.

Subliminal software program. Can be customized for healing affirmations and images.

Pendulum Warehouse
Offers pendulums for self-hypnosis and stress management. Also offers an instructional cassette.

Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation Machine
Download programs to explore self-hypnosis, relaxation, and altered states of consciousness.

Subliminal Recording System
Software for creating subliminal CDs and MP3s. Includes screenshots and features list.

Success Coach
Book offering details about the use of hypnosis for muscle building, confidence in sports, and motivation and weight control.

The Living Skills Library
Sells image based self help courses called HypnoBooks. Includes learning group leadership manual and class sets.

Wesland Institute
Instructional DVDs and CDs for training in hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Offers information on workshops and classes.