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A123 Systems
Develops and manufactures advanced technology lithium-ion battery packs. Offers custom solutions for their incorporation into electric vehicles.

Austin Area Electric Vehicle Association
A group of people who gather to discuss electric vehicle technologies and construction. Also a photo album with full specifications of the electric cars and trucks owned and built by members.

Bristol Electric Vehicle Study
Design information for electric vehicle builders. Includes mathematics and design specifications.

Built For Fun Electric Vehicles
Provides plans and designs for small powered electric vehicles for kids including trike, scooter and kart projects.

Cool Electric Cars
Provides a guide to electric cars for the ordinary person. Also provides information on other electric vehicles, electric bikes, scooters, NEVs and golf carts.

Cybertran Information
Proposed electric car/ train which would hold from six to thirty passengers for commuting into and out of urban areas.

Documentation: Auranthetic Charger
The Auranthetic Charger was a small electric motorcycle produced in California in the 1970's. Links to assembly instructions, parts locator and a forum.

Provides technical information and personal experience regarding converting a gas vehicle to a battery based electric vehicle.

Driving the Future
EVs compared with hybrids, fuel-cell vehicles, and gasoline-powered vehicles for pollution, energy, practicality. Letter-writing site to support the requirement that some percent of new cars be EVs by 2003.

EV World
About advanced electric cars, hybrid-electric and fuel cell vehicles.

Econogics Electric Vehicle Index
Includes a wealth of information and an excellent history of electric vehicles. Also includes info on the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa and their annual Electrathon.

Electrathon America
Nonprofit group that organizes electric vehicle sport competitions with the goal of promoting efficient design and technology.

Electric Vehicle History - Online Archive
Encourages electric vehicle enthusiasts to help preserve the recent history of electric vehicles by posting to online archive, where other contributions are available to be read.

Electric Vehicles
Frank Didik designs vehicles powered by a variety of propulsion systems including human, solar, electric and hybrid systems. They are made to order and can be modified to fit the individual buyer's specific needs.

Electrifying Times Magazine
An international magazine with news and information about electric vehicles.

Formula Lightning: West Virginia University
Car specifications, race schedule, and team roster.

NEDRA: National Electric Drag Racing Association
A coalition aimed at increasing public awareness of electric vehicle (EV) performance and to encourage through competition, advances in electric vehicle technology.

Two Cents per Mile: Will President Obama Make it Happen?
Offers a book about electric cars and vehicles and why EV's are not used today as an alternative to oil and internal combustion engines.