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Home page of the Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition co-sponsored by IEEE and PSMA.

Colorado Power Electronics Center
Power Electronics Center at the University of Colorado. Publications, courses materials, textbook, PSpice files.

Dartmouth Magnetic Component Research
Research program in power electronics magnetic components; references, software and information for designers.

Design of Switch Mode Power Supplies
Online calculators of currents and voltages for various switch mode power supplies.

Organized articles on power conversion and power management topics; answers to power design questions.

IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS)
A non-profit organization dedicated to scientific and educational aspects of power electronics. Web resources on power electronics.

Interactive Power Electronics Seminar (iPES)
A collection of educational materials for teaching power electronics. Includes interactive applets.

International Rectifier myPOWER
On-line design center that contains synchronous buck simulation tool and MOSFET selection tool.

Linear DC Power Supply Design
Choosing transformer, rectifier, smoothing capacitor and regulation. Provides calculations, design examples, and a spreadsheet.

Olivier Trescases Power Management Group
University of Toronto group for research on power electronics: ICs and system solutions. Includes publications and projects.

Power Electronics Group
Power Electronics Group of Ben-Gurion University. SPICE models downloads, tutorials, papers and theses.

Power Electronics Technology Magazine
Online Magazine dedicated to power electronics. Featuring articles, an online buyers guide, conference/expo information for powersystems world, and a forum.

Power Factor Correction
A guide to power factor calculation and correction. Provides tutorials, formulas, schematics, and online calculators.

Power Management DesignLine
Online publication on power management. News, products, forums, expert advice, and how-to information.

Power Supplies, Energy Efficiency, Generators
Articles and posts on power supply design, energy efficiency, and power generators.

Power Supply Design Tools
A power electronics design tools for engineers, students, and hobbyists: application notes, tutorials and charts.

Power Supply Industry News
Power electronics industry news, career and job postings, design forum. SMPS technical articles and resources.

Free on-line switch mode power supply, circuit and transformer design, calculation and simulation software. More than 100 circuits and topologies are available with real constructed transformer.

Introductory to expert level articles on power electronics, industry news, job listings, and a question and answer forum.

SMPS Power Supplies
Switching power supplies design, PSpice simulations, power supply manufacturers database, online SMPS design tools, ready to use design examples, and technical articles.

SMPS Power Supply Design
Switching power supply (SMPS) design resources: tutorials, circuits, schematics, tools.

Switching Power Converters
A blog on power electronics. Includes switching converters design and troubleshooting, online simulation examples and calculators.

Troubleshooting of Switchmode Power Supplies
Notes on the troubleshooting and repair of small switchmode power supplies.

ePanorama Power Supply Page
Power supply design information, annotated links, electronics component information search, discussion forum.