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High Voltage Experimenter's Handbook
A collection of practical theoretical and empirical data to aid experimenters on using or working with high voltage.

Bob's High Voltage Page
The site documents construction of a medium size Tesla coil and a number of other high voltage devices.

Chaos Labs
High Voltage experiments and generators, like Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil, Marx Generator, HV Switching Power Supply, and EMP weapons.

Detecting the Earth's Electricity
An article from Scientific American about the field mill voltmeter and the results on Earth's electricity.

Electrodynamic Sculpture
An electrical engineering thesis by Rafael Brag. Includes description of plasma discharge and various high voltage components used in his research.

Electrotherapy Museum
A family museum of historic electrical discharge equipment and applications emphasizing Nikola Tesla's research. Located in Palm Beach, Florida.

HeNe Laser Power Supply Design
By Sam Goldwasser. The site discusses high voltage components and circuits design.

High Voltage Information
Reference information, including articles, books and relevant links. Also included is a buying guide for parts, instruments and services.

High Voltage by Kronjager
The site discusses high voltage components, high voltage sources, and various experiments.

Power Inverters
Construction plans and detailed description for high voltage power inverters to be used with radio electron tube transmitters.

Power Inverters 12V to 230V
Technical description, parameters and applications of power inverters.

PowerLabs High Voltage Research
Includes diagrams, pictures, movies, and descriptions of different devices such as high voltage generators, Tesla coils, plasma globes, Gauss and coil railguns.

Water Resistors
Its main properties, application, design, and calculations for the design.