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Albert Mehrabian, Ph.D.
Offers personality tests and software for empathy, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, achievement and success, optimism, sensation seeking, anxiety, depression, honesty and integrity, and a general personality inventory.

Assertiveness Inventory
Online test for assertiveness level.

Focused on relationships, personality and entrepreneurship testing.

Institute for Personality and Ability Testing
Offers the 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PFTM).

Know Your Own Mind
Analysis of introversion/extraversion, emotional stability, mastery/sympathy, sexuality, and social and political attitudes.

Find out about your personality traits by taking a psychological test. More than two thousand original, humorous cartoons illustrate personality themes.

Optimism/Pessimism Inventory
Designed to evaluate your take on the world and your life in general.

Personality Profile Test
Determine whether you are a Hedonist, Rationalist, Idealist, or a Traditionalist.

Place Ministries
Helps you discover your purpose-driven ministry through PLACE's assessments tools, spiritual gifts inventory, leadership training workshop.
Locus of control and attributional style inventory.

Rorschach Inkblot Test
The Original Rorschach Page History, Humor, Bookstore, and Discussion Group

Self-Esteem Inventory
This screening will determine whether you need to work on your self-image.

Self-Monitoring: Do You Censor What You Say?
A test to determine how much you change your personality in different contexts.

Social Quotient
Short online test to evaluate your social skills.

Helps students, staff, and faculty achieve academic, career, and personal success. Gallup, Inc.

The ORA Personality Profiler
Offers for a fee an online comprehensive analysis of not only Psychological Type, but also Temperament, Trait, and the Five-Factor Model of Personality in one assessment

The Platinum Rule
Profiles daily interaction.