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Area Cartogram Maps Explored
Explanation of area cartograms maps including examples of contiguous, non-contiguous, and Dorling cartograms.

Cartographica Helvetica
Journal for the history of cartography. The site includes a complete table of contents, English and German summaries and an author index.

A tool designed to help cartographers and map users find class intervals for choropleth mapping.

Elements of a Map
Cartographic elements of a map layout explained. Find out the required and suggested elements that make up a map layout.

Exciting Cartography
A blog that highlights a new interesting map each day. Run by a Geography college student interested in Geographic Information Systems.

International Cartographic Association
To promote the discipline and profession of cartography in an international context.

LLEK Bookmarks Scientific Search Engines - Cartography/GIS/Remote Sensing
A comprehensive catalog of scientific resources and media worldwide but especially in German and English: Directories of Cartography Journals; Cartography-related catalogs of scientific search engines;additional starting points and sites of special interest.

GIS tutorial, free maps, free GIS program.

Map History / History of Cartography
Tony Campbell's tightly organized global overview of the subject's resources, activities and opportunities, with leads to the collecting of old and early maps and thousands of links.

Map Projections
Collection of printable map projections organized by type.

Maps of the World
Digital royalty-free maps covering the entire contemporary world. Maps fully modifiable in programs like Adobe Illustrator.

National Geographic - Mapping
Interactive map, outline maps, satellite imagery, and how to interact with and create your own maps.

PDF Map Source
The site is a growing collection of pdf maps. The pdf maps are free for personal use.

Multifunctional online atlas, specially made for the last years of elementary school and the first years of secondary education. In Dutch, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Solid Terrain Modeling
STM creates physical 3D terrain models from digital data.

Maps of countries, cities and other places from all around the World. Specially prepared for computer printers, it is possible to change the map size, orientation and details.

Versamap Digital Mapping
Versamap draws outline maps on many map projections. Print publication quality maps, or export maps in vector graphic (WMF, CGM, DXF, ASCII) and bitmapped (BMP) formats. Text may be added to maps using any Windows font. Plot your own data in a simple ASCII format.

World Places
Offers Google satellite and 3D maps of countries and places all over the World.