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Microwear Analysis
Obsidian Hydration
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Archaeological Guide to Chert Types of East-Central Illinois
Identification guide to the types of chert exploited by the prehistoric people of east-central Illinois. By Lenville J. Stelle and Thomas Duggan.

Photographs of a personal collection of stone tools from Arizona and Texas.

Arrowhead Museum
Provides an online gallery of lithics and hand tools, and offers identification, authentication and consulting services.

Dedicated to the study of arrowheads, Indian artifacts and early man. Includes forums, galleries, a trading post and archives.

Digital Crabtree
Paper presenting a computer simulation of Folsom fluting. By Tony Baker.

Embeddedness of Lithic Technology
An article by Leland C. Bement that describes using stone tools to reconstruct Folsom mobility and subsistence practices on the Southern Plains.

Finding Arrowheads
A basic guide to arrowhead hunting.

Gunner Jim's Arrowheads
Pictures of a personal collection of arrowheads, spear points, and stone tools, found while surface artifact hunting in Middle and West Tennessee.

Indie's Page O' Points
Collection of points from Texas.

Lithic Casting Lab.Com
Sells casts and pictures of projectile points.

Neil's Texas Indian Artifacts
Arrowheads and Stone Age tools. Archaic flint knives, axes, and spear points.

Oklahoma Stone Tools and Arrowheads
Photographs of arrowheads and other artifacts from Northeastern Oklahoma.

Projectile Point Types: Neverending Draft Bibliography
Compiled by Michael Pfeiffer.

Southern Ontario Projectile Points
An illustrated typology with artifact descriptions presented by the London Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society.

The Dirt Brothers
Collections of thousands of pictures of arrowheads and other lithics, mainly from Texas.

The Lithics Site
Extensive listing of links to information and resources of interest to lithic analysts and other archaeologists, maintained by Hugh W. Jarvis, University at Buffalo.