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Alan Sokal on the "Social Text Affair"
Read all about the hoax in which Sokal submitted a bogus article to a humanities journal, including the article, the aftermath, and his motivation.

Debunking the Conventional Wisdom About the Science Wars
Essays by mathematician Gabriel Stolzenberg arguing that allegations made by Alan Sokal and others of relativist and postmodernist 'science-abuse' in the humanities and social sciences are based largely on hostile misreadings and pop metaphysics.

The Bogdanoff Affair
John Baez' take on this "reverse Sokal" hoax, where meaningless papers were published in physics journals. This may or may not have actually been intended as a hoax.

The Sokal Hoax: At Whom Are We Laughing?
Analysis of some of the statements of prominent physicists drawing analogies between physics concepts and societal and philosophical issues. Suggests that physicists don't entirely have their own house in order.

VIDEA conference abstract hoax
Giberrish abstracts prepared and accepted for a technical conference on computer visualization, 1995.

What the Social Text Affair Does and Does Not Prove
Article by Alan Sokal.