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Harmonic Motion
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics
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Block and Tackle
Colorful illustrated tutorial shows how a block and tackle (as well as levers and gears) works.

Classical Mechanics on Wikipedia
Free online encyclopedia with description of the theory and history of classical mechanics.

Derivation of Basic Gyroscope Formula
Web page contains a clear, simple and intuitive derivation of this formula.

Provides definitions of gravity.

Graphics, related links and a video combine to show you how gyroscopes work.

How a Helium Balloon Works
Explanation of lifting capabilities of helium, hydrogen and hot air balloons, from How Stuff Works.

Kepler's Laws
Article in the Platonic Realms. Gives a novice's overview of Kepler's laws.

Mechanics: Statics and Kinematics provides educative material including distance, displacement, velocity, acceleration, linear motion, circular motion, momentum, Newton's laws of motion, simple harmonic motion, energy, work, power, gravitation, Kepler's laws, satellites and friction.

Non Linear Mappings
Interactive visualisation of nonlinear mappings, a Java applet simulating the standard map and the Henon map.

On a General Method of Expressing the Paths of Light and of the Planets, by the Coefficients of a Characteristic Function
An original paper by William Rowan Hamilton, dated 1833.

Oscillations and Harmonic Oscillations
Tutorial on this topic.

Physics Articles
Discussion of various forms of rotating motion in which the Coriolis effect plays a part, such as the Foucault pendulum and inertial oscillations. Illustrated with animations.

Physics of Sound
Rigorous derivation of sound wave equations from a molecular model of an ideal diatomic gas. General solution of the wave equations. Point source radiating in a moving medium.

Simulations with Java
Provides several interactive physics simulations such as springs and masses, pendulums, molecules. Objects, mass, gravity, spring stiffness can be modified.

Soccer Ball Physics
Discusses shape of a soccer ball, spin effects and the motion of projectiles.

String Wave Solutions
Provides some solutions for wave equations.

The Et-Wash Group
Group at the Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics, University of Washington, undertaking laboratory tests of gravitational and sub-gravitational physics.